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About Connect Quotient

About Connect Quotient

Contextual Leadership, Purpose Driven, Sense of Belonging

Connect Quotient is a philosophy that focuses on the core principles of an organization’s success. 

We partner with organizations on Creating Winning Cultures. This process includes celebrating small wins, acknowledging what does not work, imbibing open communication including disagreements, and creating a safe space for having conflicts and voicing opinions.  


And in the entire process, getting the teams to focus on the bigger picture - the CONTEXT, what the organization is up to, and ACCOUNTABILITY what role they play in fulfilling that vision. 

Creating a commitment to design value-based operating principles for the daily routine tasks and interactions such that those values are experienced and not conceptualized only as a good to have. By engaging leaders in conversations that create a safe space - "Expanding Circles of Trust" activities where people openly celebrate and confess with no fears of being judged, threatened, or evaluated. 

By coaching leaders individually and practicing group coaching with the teams to channel their energies to the objectives - focusing on the "What's" and not the "Who's" and mastering blameless conversations. 

Creating Winning Cultures is a journey that enables organizations to envision bigger goals and have committed teams.

Connect Quotient's Operating Principle


We did an exploration of Creating a Winning Culture at Connect Quotient and here is what emerged.

The way the operating principle unfolded for us was so beautiful and it resonated so well with our team and clients that we made a choice to share it with all of you – As it is – the raw version of our Operating Principle. Click on “Have a look” to see the entire mind map. 

The philosophy is very simple to have faith and operate with trust, keep creating ease and flow, practice blameless discernment in all our thoughts and conversations, focus on the context, enjoy the journey, and strive for excellence, not perfection.

We do have a few non-negotiables and have learned from our participation in Landmark programs and Positive Intelligence frameworks. 

We know that this is different but that’s how we like it 😊 

Our Story

Our Story.jpg

The seed for Connect Quotient was sowed in 2011 when Kalpesh was working with TCS as the Head of Quality & Training managing an Australian Bank. With a team of 700 people, 12 different processes, and 5 different locations, it was clear that each location & and every team had a different culture. They, as a group, started a fortnightly activity (2 hours) with the following objectives: 

  • Create a collaborative work culture. 

  • Get the team to know each other. 

  • Enhance efficiency and improve effectiveness. 

The philosophy was on the lines of best practice shared by Parker Palmer on Circles of Trust and an added flavor of getting people to take leadership (adding some spice to a regular practice was a given 😊) 

Know Us

Kalpesh Raichura.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Kalpesh Raichura

Culture Coach; Leadership Facilitator;

Shalaka Raichura.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Shalaka Raichura

Lead Facilitator; Conversationalist

Sagar Amlani.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Sagar Amlani

Productivity Coach; Author; Speaker

Saurabh Gupta.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Saurabh Gupta

Communication and Executive Presence Coach

Chinmay Joshi.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Chinmay Joshi

Mindset-Reprogramming Expert

Shrikant Dikhale.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Shrikant Dikhale

Leadership Coach; HR Specialist

Narendra Brahmankar.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Narendra Brahmankar

Business Excellence Coach

Shradha Padhi.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Dr. Shradha Padhi

Leadership Coach; POSH & DEI

Mandeep Yadav.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Mandeep Yadav

Leadership Presence, Career Growth & Transition

Nelson Fernandes.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Nelson Fernandes

Sales Coach

Bharti Naik.jpeg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Bharti Naik

Proactivity Coach; Global Speaker

Kiran Padhi.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Kiran Padhi

Emotional Wellbeing & Executive Coach

Sandhya Bhide.jpg

Facilitator & Coach

  • LinkedIn

Sandhya Bhide

Leadership Challenge Coach

Yash Taily_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Team Member

  • LinkedIn

Yash Taily

Digital Marketing Expert

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