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Our Story

Our Story
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The seed for Connect Quotient was sowed in 2011 when Kalpesh was working with TCS as the Head of Quality & Training managing an Australian Bank. With a team of 700 people, 12 different processes, and 5 different locations, it was clear that each location & every team had a different culture. They, as a group, started a fortnightly activity (2 hours) with the following objectives: 

  • Create a collaborative work culture. 

  • Get the team to know each other. 

  • Enhance efficiency and improve effectiveness. 

The philosophy was on the lines of best practice shared by Parker Palmer on Circles of Trust and an added flavor of getting people to take leadership (adding some spice to a regular practice was a given 😊) ​

They started speaking about their dreams, aspirations, choices, barriers, eulogy, reunions, self-acknowledgment, and so on. Result - the energy, the initiatives, the impact on business metrics, team efficiencies, Improved VOC / NPS, ombudsman complaints reduced, attrition rates dropped and performance as a unit became a benchmark across the vertical and they started getting invitations to share these practices, methodology and design these programs for other business units. ​

That was the first trigger to do something simple and profound that connects people together and enables them to produce extraordinary results, not limited to their workplace. ​

We want to take a moment to acknowledge, Kalpesh's teammate and thinking partner Sam, as he played a significant role in making this approach a reality. This initiative was named “Fun-Book: The Official Networking”. God bless him. 

The 2nd Trigger.jpg

The 2nd trigger: Kalpesh moved on from the Business Unit to managing Process Management Competency for Team Members & Team Leaders and Business Competency Management for Delivery Managers & Customer Leaders at TCS BPS spreading across 89,000 employees and leaders. ​

Being instrumental in designing the framework, execution plans, program management, researching the gaps in leadership, the business impact & client complaints, and incorporating the intelligence in the program design, training methodologies, roll-out plans, and measuring the impact gave him the exposure to managing a Learning and Development project that creates a significant business impact and not limited to a feel-good factor. This project also gave him an opportunity to interact and partner very closely with the Business Heads, Domain Heads, and Functional Heads of Marketing, Finance, Risk, and Transformation – discuss the future strategies and concepts that will impact the current leadership and hence make a program to create “Future Ready Leaders for TCS.” ​


Doing this for 6 years with an innate passion for Coaching, People Management, creating partnerships, and managing all the challenges that come with that, including escalations that went up to the unit head for demanding appropriate content in the given time frame and designing concepts that were completely new and unthought of – remember we said adding a little spice is a part of us😊– One of the most beautiful creations of these modules was “Creating Economic Moats” for each business units (Economic Moat is a term coined by Warren Buffet) 

Both these triggers, enabled by learning from Landmark Education and Coaching certification, and blessings from the family, He took the leap of faith in September 2018 to embark on this journey called “Connect Quotient …Expanding Circles of Trust.” 

The journey has been enthralling with the work we have done.

We are proud to share that we thrived on this pathway for 5 years and yes, this is just the beginning, we have miles to go, and we may never sleep – there is a lot that we want to do, and many lives to be touched, many communities to be brought together and many businesses to be contributed to. 

Looking forward to being a significant part of your growth journey.  




Celebrating Life!!! Celebrating Excellence!!! Celebrating Togetherness!!! 

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