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Designing Leadership Workshops

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Experience and outcome-based programs. Begins with the inquiry of the status quo, understanding the future state, and creating a path to bridge the gap. Engaging, Action-packed, Value-driven & Result Oriented.

Executive Development Program:

The biggest challenge in the corporate world is the alignment between the Senior Leadership’s Strategic Thinking and Mid Level Management’s Operational Mindset.

Our customized program on Executive Development works on addressing this gap. A combination of Learning tools and methodologies adheres to this mammoth task and attempts to get the Leaders aligned by developing Business Acumen and Diving Ownership. 

Content to Context:

There is constant pressure to get the Team to understand the whys. The gap in understanding the context may lead to producing results but cause friction, stress, and heartburn.

Our Signature Program, “Content to Context” is designed to get the Leaders thinking “Evaluated & Elevated” for them to not only look at the bigger picture but start designing and owning it up.

Breaking the Barriers:

There is a lot of focus on Growth, Sustainability, Market Share, and being Leaders in the marketplace. Leadership Teams are getting trained to have an Outside approach. At the same time, most of the roadblocks are within people, the belief, the judgment, the capability, and self-doubt.

Our Signature Program, “Break the Barriers” works on the inside-out approach to enable Leaders to be free from all sorts of Internal Barriers and Approach Challenges Fearlessly.

Business Acumen for Leaders:

It’s all about the mindset. There is a significant gap between the Senior Leadership and Mid-Level Management’s mindset to approach the issues and challenges faced by the organization. There is still a big layer of Leadership that operates only at the tactical level. The discussions still revolve around the efforts and not the outcome.

Our Signature Program, “Business Acumen for Leaders” works with Individuals and teams to start looking at the bigger picture with role plays, case studies, and action-oriented workshops that set the platform for a big leap and create a strong foundation of Leaders within the organization.

Inclusive Leadership:

There used to be well-defined roles and functions existing in established organizations, but the same is fading. Co-creation and Collaboration have never been so important earlier. Capitalizing on the team’s capability and using collective wisdom to achieve the impossible is a Win-Win approach for any organization.

Our Signature program “Inclusive Leadership” works on bringing different functions together and work on instilling Co-Creation and Collaboration as a way of life.

Stepping into Someone Else's Shoes:

Empathy and Mindfulness is considered to be the biggest Leadership skill required in today’s dynamic world. The creation of a powerful team includes being present and mindful of their life.
Our signature workshop “Stepping into Someone Else’s Shoes” drives Collaboration, Trust, and Respect. The entire workshop is designed to drive Empathy, Active Listening, Deep – Dive into the other person’s world, and knowing the Big Picture.

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