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Coaching Individuals & Groups

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Coaching is unlocking a person's

potential to maximize their


-John Whitmore

Coaching is the art and science of empowering an individual/team to deep dive and find a way out to what seems impossible & and difficult otherwise. It is like assisting an individual/team to remove clouds from their mindset regarding what they want to achieve.

Being coached is a magical experience and may start moving an individual in all areas of life like Career, Social, Family, Health, Finances, and many more that are important to them. And it comes with a few expectations.

Coaching Needs Patience

It will give results, one needs to believe in oneself, the coach, and the coaching process. And be disciplined to follow what is being committed.

Coaching Needs Commitment

The process will help discover barriers and assist in creating a path for action, the results are given if there is a commitment to follow the same.

Coaching Needs Courage

During the process, there is the discovery of a lot of facts and myths, beliefs and blocks, one needs to be courageous to be bold, acknowledge the same, and then be willing to go beyond them.

Our Specialties Include:

Executive Coaching:

An individual may have multiple facets of life where he wants to excel and move to the next level - A holistic approach to this coaching process will prompt a discussion in various areas with Specific Desired Outcomes.

Breaking the Barriers Coaching:

For Businesses and Leaders, there is a strong desire to achieve what they want to do but they identify roadblocks on the way and after several attempts are still not able to break the barriers. Coaching Intervention with Break the Barriers focuses completely on this aspect and helps a Coach/team create pathways that can take them to achieve what they are up to in life.

Growth & Expansion Coaching:

There is a lot of potential for new ideas and experimentation. There is an entire eco-system for people to invest in new ideas and make them scalable to attract growth and expansion. Especially a lot of Startups have the potential and need hand-holding for them to prepare for the plunge. Our focused discussions with the Coaches / Teams work on creating abundant possibilities to make the impossible possible.

Mid Career Crisis Coaching:

An issue, where an individual has achieved a certain milestone in life. Everything has moved at a pace that was expected and the question is what's next. The future seems uncertain and you find yourselves thinking, at times, even questioning your own capabilities. Let us assist you and handhold you to bring clarity to your next steps. These sessions will focus on discovering your Core and creating your vision. Making life more meaningful and joyful.

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