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Value Based

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Value based workshops enable organizations to set up a common language across the organization. The design of the programs is simple yet profound and creates a lasting impact. The program creates the ownership on the respective individuals to act and commit to practicing these values “No matter what”. 


The beauty of these workshops is that they speak the language of the participants, regardless of the role they perform, and create alignment in the practice methodology. We encourage organizations to roll out this program as an ongoing practice and not a one-time affair as shifting behaviors & enabling action orientation need regular interventions. 


Here is an example: 

Value of an organization – Transparency

Workshop methodology: 

Clarifying what the values mean:

  • Spoke to the management and understood what “Transparency” means to them, and what is non-negotiable and agreed on the following articulation: 

  • Understanding clear expectations 

  • Setting clear expectations 

  • During the workshop, asked all the participants what: 

  • “Transparency” means to them and  

  • “Understanding clear expectations” and “Setting clear expectations” mean to them. Once the context is set, 


Aligning them to the day-to-day activities:

  • Reflect on their day-to-day activities, interactions, meetings, tasks, and reviews to identify opportunities. 

  • Workability - Where is this behavior working or not working? 

  • What makes it work and what blocks the practice? 


Defining actions that depict those values:

  • How would they want to practice these values? 

  • How would they overcome the barriers? 

  • Enable them to define action plans – the beauty here is to let them decide the pace and intensity for the improvement. 

  • Share the non-negotiable practices/behaviors from the management for this value. 


Create ease & flow in practicing these values:

  • Create a safe space for them to be vulnerable and share. 

  • Encourage open communication to address gaps and behaviors/processes/practices that don’t align. 

  • Empower them to start practicing and encourage others to practice the same. 

  • Demonstrate relevant actions taken on gaps at an organizational level to show commitment. 

  • Meet again – next month to talk about another value / deepen the practice about the same value – Facilitate the session with an open conversation about what worked / what did not / what we do next – a completely non-judgmental, non-threatening, honest, and action-oriented, future-oriented conversation. 

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